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Jazz Improvisation and Tonal Music

Back in the spring semester of 1972 at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, I designed and taught my very first course on Jazz Theory and Improvisation. At that point I was the first graduate assistant in the Music Department’s African American Music and Jazz Studies Program directed by Dr Frederick C Tillis. For the next 8 years I worked with Dr Tillis, colleagues and students to develop Music department programs serving first as a Graduate Student and then as an Assistant professor. Today, I am grateful to Professor Jeffrey Holmes, program chair and his colleagues and students for carrying on and extending the traditions that we fostered so many years ago.

I originally put these notes together for a Master Class presented at the UMass Jazz in July Summer Program held at Amherst in 2007. The class leader, Bruce Diehl of Amherst College, and I discussed that there was not much time available to cover improvisation and theory topics during ensemble and master classes. I also learned that over the 31 years of the program, Professors Jeff Holmes, Fred Tillis  and others have provided instruction in this area. We hoped to build on their groundwork.

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